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Dock Projector

Looks like a laptop, but lighter and more configurable
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I've been looking for some time now for a safe, non-bulky, accessible and lightweight case in which to carry my cellphone accessories, with a shoulder strap. It's friggin hard to find something like that!

What I propose is a hard case about the size of a laptop with a softly padded interior.

The top half, the lid, has a glossy black plastic panel in the center (on the inside), about 8 inches square, and speakers mounted to each side of it.

The bottom portion has a foam liner with cutouts for the phone and some key accessories (such as earbuds, a Bluetooth earpiece, and/or folding stereo Bluetoooth headset, memory cards, and maybe a laser projection keyboard module). In the middle, facing the lid, is a small Bluetooth projector. On the front edge is a battery compartment that's long and narrow enough to hold 8 rechargeable AA batteries, which power the speakers and projector. The batteries are charged while not in use by a large solar panel on the lid, protected by a polycarbonate (or clear plastic for the cheaper model) shield. In the cutout for the phone is a docking station that connects to the solar panel for charging.

The whole thing is waterproof when closed, and tough and padded enough to take a beating while protecting the contents, and the whole thing is about 1 foot square and about 3 inches thick. And it, of course, has a softly padded shoulder strap.

Note: everyone's favorite accessories are likely to vary from person to person. The foam liner would most likely be a solid, uncut layer when you get it, and you can make the cutouts yourself to fit your own accessories and place them in your preferred layout. Multiple configurations for trips to different places are as simple as having multiple custom-cut foam liners at home to swap out.

21 Quest, Jan 10 2010

Would look kinda like this http://www.staples....ge-_-621119-VZ01045
Remove the sleeves and binder rings, and add my modifications as detailed in the post. [21 Quest, Jan 18 2010]

The projector (ok, maybe not Bluetooth) http://www.microvis...s/accessory_big.jpg
[21 Quest, Jan 18 2010]


fishboner, Jan 11 2010

       I certainly thought so.
21 Quest, Jan 11 2010

       I thought this was a "duck projector";-)
blissmiss, Jan 11 2010

       You mean like Daffy Duck taking up ventriloquism?
21 Quest, Jan 11 2010

       " He took a duck in the face at two hundred and fifty knots "
normzone, Jan 11 2010

       That one really quacked me up...
21 Quest, Jan 11 2010

       (Edit: post updated with a little more description and an improvement to the exterior solar panel, which I realized left it covered and useless when not being used)
21 Quest, Jan 12 2010

       Sounds good to me.

       //The foam liner would most likely be a solid, uncut layer when you get it, and you can make the cutouts yourself//

       That part would also be good, but <rant>I can't imagine it happening. It would be designed to fit only the accessories of the company that makes it, and only their newest-model accessories. </rant>
bnip, Jan 18 2010

       I was thinking it would be made by a company that only makes cases, like CaseLogic. That way, there are no proprietary accessories to worry about them showing bias to. Kinda like universal screen protectors that come in large sheets and you trim them to fit your device.
21 Quest, Jan 18 2010


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