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Dogth Vader.

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Generally speaking, I don't mind my dog barking. It's always for a reason and usually a good one like, [TRESSPASSER!], or [NEIGHBOUR'S DOG ROOTING THROUGH GARBAGE!], but what does get on my nerves is when yappy little dogs bark.
Those dog training collars that shock the dog into silence are so cruel and it's not the bark that sucks but the little-dog-yappiness of it all, so howzabout an augmentation collar that works like a voice modulator the bad guys use in movies to disguise their voices.

This has the added bonus of making potential burglars think you've got a couple of Rottweilers behind the door instead of easily punt-able Chihuahuas.

(?) dog that said "Sausages" http://letsbesensib...d-talking-dogs.html
best link I could find to explain... actually a great blog as it turns out - a potential baker? [xenzag, May 01 2006]

Darth Cat http://www.iranian....ics/Darth_Cat~0.jpg
[DrCurry, May 02 2006]

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       //making potential burglars think you've got a couple of Rottweilers behind the door instead of easily punt-able Chihuahuas//   

       Or kittens.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 30 2006

       Kittens would sound like lions.
imaginality, Apr 30 2006

       I want my goldfish to sound like a Great White.
Texticle, Apr 30 2006

       His bark is worse than his mike, or something.
DrCurry, Apr 30 2006

       Cool idea, and very doable. You could really scare someone if you had a peacock.
dbmag9, May 01 2006

       //easily-puntable// I'ved often thought so. Bun for that alone.
moomintroll, May 01 2006

       I have a biggish dog with a deep bark. I'd like to try this on him.
wagster, May 01 2006

       I'd also like the opposite - make them squeak like mice..... or even say words. Anyone else remember "Sausages" ? It still cracks me up when I see it. Will try to find a link for those who don't know... (+)
xenzag, May 01 2006

       + as long as these dogs don't start making obsene phone calls.
xandram, May 01 2006

       /Collars that shock the dog into silence/ would be a thousand times better if they used dynamite instead of electric currents. For irritating little dogs only.
david_scothern, May 01 2006

       Nice idea.   

       [wagster]//I have a biggish dog with a deep bark. I'd like to try this on him.// Perhaps something from Jurassic Park?   

       I might have to get a Darth Vader voice-changer helmet and try with my cat tonight.
kuupuuluu, May 02 2006

       oh, [kuupuuluu], videos of your cat in a Darth Vader mask, please, pretty please.
BunsenHoneydew, May 02 2006

       I have a Darth Tater, and while the helmet and mask would fit my cat (especially if I shaved the spikes off), I'm afraid she won't cooperate.
DrCurry, May 02 2006

       Many fun applications for this. Would also be great if you could turn down their barking or perhaps even off completely. heh heh +
sartep, May 03 2006


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