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Double Life Monitor

multiple personality counter-measure
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if you have multiple personality disorder and one consciousness blacks out for long periods of time

this is a video and audio recording headgear or collar that automatically backs up the video to a network drive.

you would need to have someone train each personality for you to access the footage of the others life, there might be a special interface or type room to do this in

you might get to discover the most disturbing things about your other life

vfrackis, May 15 2009


       ok well now there is a version for multiple personalities.
vfrackis, May 15 2009

       This could also be used for extreme alcoholics, and sleep walkers. I'd market it under the name: "What the f--- am I doing?"
MikeD, May 15 2009

       with your permission MikeD I would change the name to "What the f--- am I doing?"
vfrackis, May 16 2009


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