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Drive-thru Loo

All in the comfort of your own car
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Out Sunday driving yesterday and the just potty trained daughter announces her need to use the loo yet again. All of the finding a restroom, stopping, getting out of the car, using the facilities, struggling to get back in the car seat is quite the experience (some might say it's my fault for having kids).

In any event, I propose that drive-thru loos become a common part of your driving experience. "I need to go potty!" turns into a quick pullover. Roll down the window, grab the form-fitting funnel tube, place it in the necessary spot and let the mildly pleasant suction help evacuate your waste matter. Once your business transaction is complete (including all paperwork), simply replace the funnel/tube and it will be sprayed down, sparkly clean for the next user. Perhaps a quarter or 20p piece would be required for the transaction (similar to the vacuum at a carwash).

Of course, all the obligatory vending machine items would be available, such as feminine products, masculine products, and those that I've never determined the proper gender for.

bdag, Sep 28 2009


       [+] ya know... tollbooths have those funnely things... not that I'd advocate plunking a kid into one for half a minute instead of paying proper toll, mind you.
FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2009

       Mildly pleasing suction, eh?
DrWorm, Sep 28 2009

       I like this. And I can not believe no one in this entire potty mouthed, infantile, poo obsessed clan, didn't think of it after all these years.
blissmiss, Sep 28 2009

       //Really what you've gained is a foul-smelling, disgusting car ride with absolutely no privacy.//

[21 Quest] I believe those are referred to as bus journeys.
kaz, Sep 28 2009

       [21Q] A full 8% of adults suffer from social phobias such as performance anxiety. It may be scary, but I want you to know that there is help. You are not alone. My children are intelligent learning beings, not individuals subject to violent muscular spasms. They are not cats who crap in my shoes when they are mad at me. And please note, it's not a nozzle, it's a funnel. Big difference my friend, BIG difference.
bdag, Sep 28 2009

       [kaz], are you Ignatius Reilly in disguise?
DrWorm, Sep 28 2009

       Given a quick Google search, I don't believe so.
kaz, Sep 28 2009


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