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Dry Ice Cream Parlor

A place to get many different flavors of freeze dried ice cream
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Originally made for astronauts, this freeze dried ice cream is delicious but only comes in three flavors.

It's crunchy and creamy, it won't melt on the hottest days and can be enjoyed on the coldest days.

Plus, being almost completely devoid of hydration, it goes very well with a beverage, hot or cold.

sartep, Jun 06 2003

Wikipedia: Astronaut ice cream http://en.wikipedia...Astronaut_ice_cream
"Initially, freeze dried ice cream feels like a foamy piece of chalk in your mouth..." [jutta, Aug 10 2006]


       At a current cost of about $2.00 for 21 grams, this isn't something you'll be scooping into big bags.
Cedar Park, Jun 06 2003

       I was going to say this was baked by "Dippin' Dots", but checking out their FAQ page I see:   

       "Are Dippin' Dots like the ice cream the astronauts eat?   

       "No. Dippin' Dots ice cream is flash frozen and can still melt if not stored at the appropriate temperature.   

       "The foods that the astronauts eat during their space missions are freeze-dried and in the case of ice cream, do not melt."
krelnik, Jun 06 2003

       this stuff is cool, i had some once, it was soo nice!!!
tesseract9, Aug 10 2006


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