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Earth Burger

In celebration of earth day
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This is a spherical hamburger on a spit with salami continents pinned to it by broccoli spears, with vodka fracked into the surface, and then lighted and roasted over an open flame.
JesusHChrist, Jul 25 2015

An Earth Sandwich http://www.zefrank.com/sandwich/
A similar but completely different idea. [AusCan531, Jul 25 2015]


       ... and a large fries, please. [+]
8th of 7, Jul 25 2015

       fracked ?
popbottle, Jul 26 2015

       ...and here I thought you just wanted to hold two sesame seed buns at antipodes of the Earth.   

       Sounds nasty. Sorry.
blissmiss, Jul 27 2015

       Sounds meat-tastic.   

       If regions of the meat sphere could be seasoned in the manner of the corresponding geographical location's culture, it make for an interesting meal...
MikeD, Jul 27 2015


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