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Effigy Energy

Statue of Liberty plus giant hula-hoop gives picturesque, inexpensive wind power.
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Tall statues can be adapted with hula-hoops at the waist for a successful blend of function, form and frolic. The hoop would only appear to roll around the figure, while being secured to the side of the rotating waist. The hoop's cross-section would appear as follows:


Like a cup anemometer the hoop's two troughs would catch the wind on one side and present minimal friction on the other, independent of wind direction. To show the latter, the torch flames could lean away from the prevailing wind.

FarmerJohn, Feb 10 2003


       what flavour hula hoop? mmm
po, Feb 10 2003

       Are you referring to a Teletubby commercial break brand name?
FarmerJohn, Feb 10 2003

       possibly ..
po, Feb 10 2003

xandram, Nov 17 2011

       wouldn't it just stay at 45 degrees to upwind?
Voice, Nov 17 2011


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