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Electronic music for electric cars

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Electric cars such as the new Toyota Prius are reasonably fast but completely silent and thus represent a considerable danger to pedestrians - and what more ignominious fate is there than to be crushed under the wheels of a Toyota Prius because you didn't hear it coming?

Drivers of these vehicles could use their horn but this could be seen as aggressive. It would be far better for the car to broadcast music - like ice-cream vans, except that logic dictates electric cars should broadcast electronic music.

The only downside of this idea is that is might create Pavlovian responses in people to leap out of the way when they hear, say, Depeche Mode or Gary Numan.
hippo, Jan 17 2006

Mandated? http://techdirt.com...414/031117840.shtml
You may wish to claim your prior art, [hippo]! [lurch, Apr 14 2008]

https://www.theguar...afer-hit-wrong-note [hippo, Jul 01 2019]

BMW and Hans Zimmer are going to implement this idea https://www.bmwgrou.../iconic_sounds.html
BMW's announcement [hippo, Apr 27 2020]

BMW and Hans Zimmer are going to implement this idea https://www.wired.c...-score-hans-zimmer/
More on this from Wired [hippo, Apr 27 2020]


       I'd play Aphex Twin's "windowlicker", and let the free car wash ensue.
daseva, Jan 17 2006

       You could just play recorded engine noise. Then your Prius could sound like a Lamborghini.
Worldgineer, Jan 17 2006

       Or maybe the sound of noisy shoes on pavement . . . nah, too pedestrian.
half, Jan 17 2006

       An angry herd of elephants?
Worldgineer, Jan 17 2006

       Kraftwerk - Autobahn.
normzone, Jan 17 2006

       The sound of hooves and iron-rimmed wheels on cobbles.
coprocephalous, Apr 15 2008

       ...of course! - The sound of several crates of rattling milk bottles.
hippo, Dec 04 2008

       It looks like it's going the same way as ring tones...   

       Also, have you ever heard those reversing noises that duplicate jet engines? All the rage over here.
Ling, Apr 26 2010

       Ballet Mechanique, 'cause it's already got a siren.
mouseposture, Apr 26 2010

       Almost baked - see link
hippo, Jul 01 2019


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