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Element tarot deck

The real
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The tarot deck. Here is one! I deal 8 of wands, The Star, ten off pentacles, King of pentacles, 6 of wands.

The problem: what the hell does that mean? The Star? She is a naked blonde lady pouring water on the ground and in the water. How starlike is that? King of Pentacles?

The proposition: the deck would be comprised of elements. I envision Carbon as Nature Goddess, but also cards for carbon in her aspect of Diamond and of Graphite. Nitrogen is an austere ascetic. Oxygen a redheaded firebrand. Hydrogen would be the Fool.

Additional cards might include other common molecules: methane, oxides, etc. The noble gases would be there, Nickel, Iron.

Now a hand might make a little bit of sense because of the molecules which the dealt elements might comprise, or the sort of biology they are involved with.

bungston, Feb 11 2018

Elementaurs http://www.elementaurs.com/products.html
Not a baking of this idea, but you could use their deck of cards. [pertinax, Feb 12 2018]

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https://en.wikipedi..._and_tarocchi_games [pocmloc, Feb 14 2018]


       I kinder like it but think it is more bottom up. The card's feel as though they are going to predict bodily state which of course affects behaviour and ultimately fate.   

       Running track try for Oxygen and Iron, going to a party draw a Hydrogen with a Nitrogen stabilizer or digging a garden, pick out the Goddess with some of the lesser hard working additives. Of course a drawn deal would scale positive or negative to the action on the table purely due to how the deck collapses by the questioner's touch.
wjt, Feb 12 2018

       Its not meant to make sense. Its a card game like whist, where you try to lay a higher-ranking card to beat the other people round the table.
pocmloc, Feb 14 2018

       // a higher-ranking card to beat the other people round the table //   

       One club, then.
8th of 7, Feb 14 2018

       i could actually design a prototype if this tarot deck. (if only i understood science and the table of elements...which i dont...- oh the shame!) . But i love the concept of transmuting the tarot into alternative symbolism, like an animal tarot, for instance. The fool could be a monkey, while the magician could be a snake, or a leopard...or a spider? Or a white rabbit, perhaps? The king of swords, or cups or whatever, -at least one of the kings- could be a lion...and so on and so forth.   

       (Speaking of the term 'so forth' brings a reverie to mind...bear with me ...or skip the bit in brackets...: i was once listening to a late night radio show on cooking. The speaker was describing his favourite potato salad recipe. He got to the part about putting the potatoes in the bowl and said: Put the potatoes in the bowl, and add the seasoning and so forth. On hearing this, my partner, who happened to be lying alongside me listening quietly in the dark, muttered wryly: "What's 'so forth'? What kind of ingredient is that?". I would have laughed until the sun came up if my partner, who had to work in the morning, hadn't threatened to smother me with a pillow...and so forth...)   

       But back to the zoo tarot....The eight of wands could be an octopus...and the hermit a hermit crab...and, well, so forth...
Edie, Feb 15 2018

       So what would Hydrogen mean, when reversed?
Voice, Feb 16 2018

       //Hydrogen would be the Fool   

       I would have thought Helium, for squeaky voice humour...
not_morrison_rm, Feb 18 2018

       Sodium...Not Applicable
Edie, Feb 19 2018


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