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Elf Iron

Curved iron to help bachelors iron quicker.
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This invention arose out of a need. A need for a guy to properly iron his dress shirts! Sure, there are dedicated ironing boards for shirt sleeves, but what guy wants to deal with more things? Ha! We're still waiting for when wrinkle-free means we can toss it in the closet after laundry, shake it, and it's fine!

This started as an iron where the very front of the plate would push down in order to easily iron shirt sleeves and smaller areas. Realizing that may be too awkward and could snag your clothes, I evolved it into a curved iron. When you get to the sleeves or pockets, you simply roll the iron forward and have at it. 'Elf Iron' comes from the way it looks like an elf's shoe...without the bell.

ideahound, Dec 10 2004

Original post. http://ideahound.bl...04/11/elf-iron.html
Another shameless way to draw more traffic to my blog... [ideahound, Dec 10 2004]




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