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Estate Agent listing "Buy it Now" button

"sign in for one-click conveyancing".
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While browsing houses for sale locally on RightMove, I noticed that there was a lack o instant gratification. In this day and age one should not have to contact the agent and then appoint ones solicitor and shop round the banks to find a mortgage quote.

What is needed is a "buy it now" button. On clicking, the algorithms in the background will do all of this for you. You may have to enter your online banking password, but given the rate of data exchange on the internet and the processing speed of modern computers, I don't see why it should take more than a few seconds between you pressing the "buy it now" button, and the deposit and first month's mortgage being debited from your bank account, and the e-deeds being emailed to your inbox for printing at your leisure. The front door keys could even be dispatched via drone-delivery if the house is within 10 miles of your current location, allowing almost instant entry to your new abode.

pocmloc, Jan 16 2016


       Agreed. The entire conveyancing business is a complete racket.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 16 2016

       Yes, mostly it's the outrageous transaction fees for doing nothing at all.
hippo, Jan 17 2016

       A good idea - perhaps some people would use it once they have physically checked out the property, I know I would.
AngelEleven, Jan 17 2016


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