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External Sound Earbuds

People play their music too loud.
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This is a revolutionary redesign of earbuds. These earbuds have two buds placed back to back. One is the standard transducer that generates noise, or in the contemporary marketing lingo 'music' or 'audio'. Although in communications theory most of what is called music is noise as there is little actual message.

The second bud is a hollow plastic mold of an earbud that fits similarly into the external ear. The intended purpose of this modification is to insert this second bud into one's external ear, while the one previously described plays 'music' or 'audio' to the external environment. The reasoning behind this is also based somewhat on communications theory.

As there is a dearth of message in most modern media, it seems that people are using headphones to communicate to others. Often tinny, tiny earbuds can be heard playing music so loud that there seems to be a willingness to let others know what is being listened to. Musical selections which seem to reflect the listener's mood, desired group affiliation, or whatever can simply be played outwardly without damage to one's own hearing.

rcarty, Mar 28 2011




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