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ascending farmer watch
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Upon the hour you feel a slight tingle from the watch strap, you glance at your wrist and roll up the sleeve of your shirt to reveal an ornate watchface with two outstretched arms with the hands pointing at the corresponding numerals to tell the time set upon a picturesque landscaped watchface.

As you check the time a small set of chimes can be heard as if bells were being played in the far distance emitting from the watch.

Suddenly the lens of the watch slowly separates and opens outwards and upwards from both sides.

Ascending from the centre, a small delicately sculptured farmer rises slowly upwards with the arms now attached and pointing to the time.The farmer slowly returns to the inside of the watch as the lens closes and returns the farmers arms flat upon the watchface.

At least for now.

skinflaps, Nov 27 2003


       Does he shout "Geeet orf my fukin' tractor you bastard kids!" like real farmers?
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       Does this idea provoke annotations which start with the word "Does"?
dobtabulous, Nov 27 2003

       Tick..does tick..does, tick..does..
skinflaps, Nov 27 2003

       Does not.   

       (Can we have a lumberjack watch? "I'm a lumberjack an I'm okay...")
Detly, Nov 27 2003

       Nah..the idea got axed.
skinflaps, Nov 28 2003

       Doth it haveith, but an olde English setting about it?
Epimenides, Dec 02 2003

       Why a farmer and not a construction worker? He DOES have a second hand. His music is the mixture of the gentle ringing of a jackhammer on cement and his own foul mouth.
notOriginal, Dec 03 2003

       How about Amish farmers, who don't say anything. Not even a tick or a tock... COMPLETELY silent, but works hard as hell.
narc1hunter, Apr 30 2007

       Sp: lens
baconbrain, Apr 30 2007


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