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Faux Nuclear Explosion Fireworks Show Finale Or 3 Mile Tall Smoke Rabbit

Massive flash followed by progression of smoke bombs rockets launched such that they form a mushroom cloud. Or the rabbit thing.
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That's it.
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2020

SIMULATOR, ATOMIC EXPLOSION M142 http://www.uxoinfo....ails.cfm?Ord_Id=Y32
Do not use indoors. [8th of 7, Jul 21 2020]

PEPCON disaster https://en.wikipedi...iki/PEPCON_disaster
" ...released estimated energy of approximately 1.0 kilotons ..." [8th of 7, Jul 21 2020]

Smoke gets in your eyes https://www.science...hower-skies-science
See paragraphs midway through on why smoke is undesirable ... [kdf, Jul 21 2020]


       Baked but probably not WKTE.   


       [suggested-for-deletion], Prior Art.   

       You might want to review the video of the PEPCON explosion; a lot bigger than a Davy Crockett !   

8th of 7, Jul 21 2020

       I'm thinking of a actual size affair so this would basically make a "hollow" cloud, an actual size cloud needing a lot of mass. Much more than you could fit in a 55 gallon drum.   

       This would shoot a matrix of smoke explosions that would shape the cloud.   

       Could shape other stuff as well I suppose. A 3 mile tall smoke shape forming a... I don't know, rabbit?   

       I think that's different enough from the examples, no?
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2020

       <Sir Bedevere>   

       "Oh. Um, l-- look, i-- i-- if we built this 3 mile tall smoke shape forming a... I don't know, rabbit ? "   

       <Sir Bedevere/>
8th of 7, Jul 21 2020

       Easier to just do the real thing surely?
pocmloc, Jul 21 2020

       //3 mile tall smoke shape forming a... I don't know, rabbit ?//   

       Title updated to reflect.
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2020

       Well, at least it's original sounding. Now as to why it's a bad idea... Fireworks displays are usually at night, and pros try to avoid lingering smoke as it makes air bursts seem dimmer and less distinct (link). A billowing cloud at the end though - in the dark - after all the sparkly stuff is done - may not be very impressive.
kdf, Jul 21 2020

       Yes, but this would be in the day.   

       However I have a time limit on defending this idea. A) Because it's stupid and B) See reason A.
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2020

       Has that ever stopped a truly dedicated half-baker?
kdf, Jul 21 2020

       Nope. In fact, "B" has always been my primary motivation.   

       That and you learn stuff from time to time.
doctorremulac3, Jul 21 2020


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