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Fiction Park

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A public park, where scattered around the various gardens, grottos and copeses are bronze statues from fictional works. Here Chewbacca, there Sherlock Holmes, and around the corner a life-sized Smaug.
simonj, Feb 16 2011

Central Park, NYC http://www.lovetoea...central_statues.htm
[mouseposture, Feb 17 2011]

blimey, the Brits have some, too! http://www.secret-l....co.uk/Fiction.html
[xandram, Feb 17 2011]

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       Central Park, in New York, has statues of fictional characters from Carroll, Shakespeare, Anderson, and Perrault <link>. It'd be nice to see a park where *all* the statues were of fictional characters. [+] for life size Smaug (provided it shows the chink in his armor).
mouseposture, Feb 17 2011

       You know, it would make my day to turn a corner and find myself in front of a life-sized Nyarlathotep.
DrWorm, Feb 17 2011

       I read this as Friction Park - being a place where you can rub against various items.
xenzag, Feb 17 2011

       "The lake's frozen!! - I'm going ice-skating in Friction Park! - wait..."
hippo, Feb 17 2011

       There's a hospital in my town that has a little park. There's a statue of Jesus in it, and a grotto with the Virgin Mary. It is very peaceful.
baconbrain, Feb 17 2011

       Ha! ... I like the 'friciton park' idea, though it would attract many a freak.
daseva, Feb 17 2011


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