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Flammable Glue

Still flammable After it dries
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See the subtitle. Quite a few existing glues out there are flammable before they dry, but few are claimed to be especially flammable afterward.

This needs to be fixed!

For example, suppose you have a bunch of Old Important Papers that you can't let fall into the wrong hands. You don't need them any longer yourself, but they have data on them that you don't want others to mis-use.

Shredding isn't really the best idea. There was a Batman movie in which the Penguin restored a shredded document "with a little patience and a lot of tape".

Also, if you send the papers off to a "trusted" shredding company, which claims to do a thorough job by sending the shreds to a paper-pulp plant for recycling, well, just because they Claim to be trustworthy, how do you Know For Sure?

So, that just about leaves "burning" as the best remaining option --but it has problems, too. You don't want fire to convert the paper into rising cinders that can start fires elsewhere, after all!

So, enter Flammable Glue. You glue your Old Important Papers into solid masses of various sizes, and use them like fireplace logs. The glue keeps the papers "together" enough to prevent flaming/floating cinders from getting loose.

And, of course, since the glue also burns, it helps the fire such that nothing but paper-ash is left over when it's done.

Vernon, May 16 2012

B&M's log http://www.stoveglass.net/images/log.jpg
Similar, but uses wood rather than paper. [TomP, May 16 2012]

Why this invention is essential to all dictatorships http://www.time.com...599,1983287,00.html
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 16 2012]

USS Pueblo http://en.wikipedia...USS_Pueblo_(AGER-2)
The crew only had an hour or so to destroy sensitive info. [AusCan531, May 16 2012]

Heat your home with it http://www.youtube....cJZPkeZFTKFdZTzaCbQ
Biomass briquettes [Klaatu, May 16 2012]


       Called 'wax' perhaps? Shred the paper into molten wax (of a suitable melting point), compress, cool until solid and light one end - a bit like the Bryant and May logs in [link].
TomP, May 16 2012

       //There was a Batman movie in which the Penguin restored a shredded document "with a little patience and a lot of tape".//
There was that incident in Iran, where they restored lots of documents, with a lot of tape and a lot of students

And then there were the Stasi archives. (linky)
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 16 2012

       And the USS Pueblo [link]
AusCan531, May 16 2012

       A modern cross-cut shredder is fairly effective. It's not impossible to reconstruct, but the cost/benefit analysis rarely makes it worth it.
MechE, May 16 2012

       Hindenburg fabric dope, that stuff I tell you it was Norite.
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2012

       //A modern cross-cut shredder, is fairly effective//
A filing cabinet with thermite is even more effective. I've seen them offered at specialist trade shows.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 16 2012

       Rubber cement. Burns great when wet but also pretty well dry.
bungston, May 16 2012

       Mixed with a little gunpowder, fitted with a primer cap, and compressed inside a suitable container, it will also explode quite dramatically.
Alterother, May 16 2012

       A nitric and sulphuric acid wash that converts the cellulose into nitrocellulose, which is fairly easy to dispose of...
Custardguts, May 16 2012

       I believe flash paper (as [CustardGuts] mentions) is already used for some critical stuff. Just don't use a thermal printer.
MechE, May 16 2012

       Perfect for "flame" emails …   

8th of 7, May 16 2012

       Would you like me to demonstrate my specialised "flaming" techniques for you, [Vernon]?
UnaBubba, May 17 2012


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