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Flexible LED fixture

Flexible light fixture when heated with warm water
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The fixture is a waterproof plastic pipe with an LED strip in it. The fixture can be twisted and bent into the desired shape when warm water has been poured on it, and when cooled remains in its new shape.

Shape your own hanging light fixture to fit your taste and artistic talent. Instead of getting the same light fixture as the neighbors make something special for yourself, and make your neighbors greener with envy.

pashute, Apr 01 2018

The neighbor's fixture https://ae01.alicdn...ing.jpg_640x640.jpg
[pashute, Apr 01 2018]


       You could do this with hydraulics. My granddad invented and patented a hydraulic vice which gripped irregularly shaped er, shapes. It involves letting small pistons have some hydraulic slack and then tightening up the force (not the Star Trek sort of force).
Ian Tindale, Apr 01 2018

       Sounds like an interesting man. Is he still around?
pashute, Apr 01 2018

       Not since he died, back in the 1980s.
Ian Tindale, Apr 01 2018


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