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Window box garden belt
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For a while i dabbled in cooking, and one thing that i learnd from attending a cooking class here or there, is that the freshness of your ingeedents makes the dish. so why have to walk all the way out to the garden to get some basil? and then all the way back out for a sprig od rosemary or thyme? Always have herbs (and even some smaller vegetables) at hand with the Window Box Garden Belt. Similar to a conventinal window box, accept two semicircular boxes with a hinge at one side and a latch at the other, keep all your favorite herbs and vegetables growing in it so while in the kitchen you can simply break off some mint and toss it right in to the delicious meal you have cooking.
Curiosity, May 05 2006


       sorry bout that, i am dyslexic and too lazy to proof read
Curiosity, May 07 2006


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