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Foldaway waist table

Give amputees a hand
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Everyone I have ever known who was missing an arm has dealt with it well. However, the way we are set up is to hold a thing in one hand and manipulate it with the other.

So if you (You = amputee) had a small plastic table with a rubberized surface that folded away into a belt when not in use, it could be very useful. It could serve much the same purpose as the off hand in most cases, i.e. flipping through a magazine, changing that watch battery, eating and drinking simultaneously at a party while standing.

Utility would be further increased by a couple of small spring loaded clamps recessed into the surface, for applying torque to small things. (Poss. Cupholder?)

Hell, build in a cell phone/pda, some work lights, a small tool kit, and a little storage for credit cards and keys and you have a belt that would do Batman proud.

GutPunchLullabies, Apr 16 2006

Close. http://www.freepate...mage-5421499-1.html
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 16 2006]


       It's always occurred to me that this sort of scheme might be useful to laptop users, too.
Ian Tindale, Apr 16 2006

       If you lived in Texas, it wouldn't even need to fold. Just make it shaped like your initials and shiny.
GutPunchLullabies, Apr 17 2006

       This would be useful for everyone. +   

       edit: except those whose tummy to arm dimension ratio is a bit compromised.
Ling, Apr 17 2006

       The tyrannosaurs?
Ian Tindale, Apr 18 2006

       Where is the waist in the Tyrannosaur [IT]?
methinksnot, Apr 18 2006


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