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Following A Crowd Shoes

not very sensible shoes
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When someone is being followed across a muddy trail, their footprints are a giveaway to many aspects of their behavior. Following A Crowd Shoes is what they should be wearing to confuse and mislead their pursuers.
Here's how they work:

Two large snow shoe type platforms (referred to as the "mother shoe" are fitted with a number of different shoe soles. Each sole is connected by a series of levers to a motor that moves them around to a different position every time the mother shoe takes a step forward. The power supply is contained in a back-pack with the extra weight adding to the deception by causing the shoes to make deeper marks in soft ground.

This means that every step creates the impression that either a small group of people is moving along chaotically or a multi-legged person is being pursued.

At random intervals some of the shoe impressions will look like the feet are facing sideways, with the person walking like a crab or even backwards and one or more of the levers may telescope out a few feet to the one side to add to the deviated cadence. Everything is calculated to cause maximum uncertainty.

Following A Crowd Shoes work best on a soft ground such as would normally be encountered when going through a forest. A more subtle version that leaves chaotic scuff marks on the polished floors of an office environment is being developed.

xenzag, Jan 03 2018


       Causing maximum uncertainty except for the direction they went.
RayfordSteele, Jan 03 2018

       Some zag or circling may help.
wjt, Jan 04 2018

       //except for the direction they went//   

       To solve this problem use an unusually powerful hoverboard, a sort of telescoping marionette-gantry and a much better sense of balance than I have.   

       Actually, no. The answer is a drone, because the answer is always a drone. If the drone used a blockchain, that would clearly be even better.
pertinax, Jan 04 2018

       This would also be a good idea for not getting spotted by security cameras. Oh wait, no it wouldn’t.
Ian Tindale, Jan 04 2018

       Two pairs and a soft sandy seashore could leave dance diagrams on the sand.
beanangel, Jan 04 2018

       I think most people are multi-legged.
Voice, Jan 05 2018

       why not 4 plex shoes for two feet?
beanangel, Jan 05 2018


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