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Fractal Isocracy

Voluntary Graded Representation
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In the most developed countries the means in which to enable an Isocracy exists. Cellphones, e-mail, etc.

(To define Isocracy: A system of government in which all persons have equal political power)

I understand, as I think most people would, that I don't have the knowledge & wisdom to schedule the bus routes for my city. That being said, I do have the right in a Fractal Isocracy to delegate & read or not my Delegates summary of decision for determining the routes.

If I feel a gross incompetance or get any inclining of untrustworthiness I can immediately reassign my delegation or take the vote away & vote myself.

Take that text message & count it! Sorry, but how's that for re-inventing gov't?

P.S. Do any other 1/2 B's use yahoo DSL? I can't figure out how to get a working spell check into my browser.

Zimmy, Feb 08 2006

iespell http://www.iespell.com/
You didn't mention what browser you use, [Zimmy], and I'm not real familier with Yahoo, but this link is a free spellcheck easily integrated into internet explorer. [reensure, Feb 08 2006]

(?) Yahoo http://news.yahoo.c...&cid=1739&ncid=1729
the widget machine ????? too much here for me to read or to explore. [reensure, Feb 08 2006]

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       I think you'll have to explain what this has to do with fractals.
xaviergisz, Feb 08 2006

       If I understand fractals correctly, (I'm probably oversimplifiying it) They are a math that repeats a geometric pattern from large to small infinately.   

       Therefore, you have the chance to designate which part of the pattern or governmental decision level you want to jump in on. If you think you have the knowledge to weigh the right of wire tapping you vote on it.
Zimmy, Feb 08 2006

       OK, I see the connection. Perhaps it'd be better to re-phrase the idea in terms of micro-voting (on the trivial matters that you have a particular interest in) and macro-voting (voting on the really important stuff), since fractals have a whole bunch of other properties and underlying nature which is irrelevent to this idea.
xaviergisz, Feb 08 2006

       But it sounds cool, eh?
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 08 2006

       People voting on stuff is generally as cool as it gets.
reensure, Feb 08 2006

       [reensure] I had 'iespell' on my previous interface. I've searched like hell w/o contacting sbcyahoo for something similar. I don't even have a spell check on my email. They say I do, but I don't. The lack of one, verified by others could give me the power of words.
Zimmy, Feb 08 2006

       The sole spelling widget for Yahoo I found only checks one word at a time and doesn't check _in_ your open application, so that's pretty useless. Hmmm
reensure, Feb 08 2006

       Open to massive abuse and corruption. Still a cool idea though so no fish from me.
wagster, Feb 08 2006

       as long as you can maintain no votes whatsoever - you get my vote.
po, Feb 08 2006

       stop it stoopid person from voting just to sway me - we know who you are...
po, Feb 08 2006

       "Allow everyone to vote on everything"... This won't fix any of the real problems.   

       Those already in power (politically/economically) will be able to drive opinions, & thus voting behaviors through targetted higher awareness on issues they care about (natch, with positions favorable to them).   

       Allowing people to vote on more things will only dilute their attention, to where they will gravitate more towards those who will tell them their opinions.   

       See how you are "voting with your money" today. Same thing. Lots of choices, lots of interested parties, lots of habits by the masses formed by those in power.
sophocles, Feb 09 2006

       [wagster], I've no idea how such an abstract could be open to what you said. I am perplexed. I learn quite a bit here every time I dip my foot in the water.   

       [sophocles]. The representitives must represent popular opinion of those they represent in real time in order to maintain their power.   

       A difficult tightrope to walk should the rep decide the pop opinion is flawed. To win in unpopularity, perhaps a trick window is involved. use it less than 3 times & you are not replaced.
Zimmy, Feb 14 2006

       Heard on TV tonight, "There have been no wars fought between democracies."
reensure, Feb 14 2006


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