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Free Cat Food...

...a lifetime supply at that!
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Lower you birdhouse by 3ft.
DickWeed, Jan 27 2003

(?) blamed on mobile phones... http://www.rspb.org...affairs/default.asp
...weird that. [po, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Cats as food Birds_20Who_20Get_20to_20Eat_20Cats
[xenzag, Oct 15 2007]


       sparrows disappearing by the minute - because of mobile phones ?
po, Jan 27 2003

       Where i am the birds attack the cats.
skinflaps, Jan 27 2003

       Hilarious, I love it.
Flex, Jan 27 2003

       + thanks for the laugh. short and sweet.
ImBack, Jan 27 2003

       Still a hoot. Replaces depleted bun with a new one.
skinflaps, Oct 15 2007

       And rightly so. [+]   

theleopard, Oct 15 2007


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