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Birds Who Get to Eat Cats

bird food that looks like cats
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Most bird food comes in the form of either a loose nut and seed mix or a solid block of lard that binds the various treats together.

Birds Who Get to Eat Cats, is a series of these solid blocks cast to make them look like cats in various poses. You can hang them up in any position from the branches of trees, and soon enough flocks of birds will come and peck them away to reveal their hidden plastic skeletons.

xenzag, Sep 28 2007

Thought you'd like this http://www.westport...04.asp?Ref=findgift
But I don't want to see any leopard bird feeders pal. [theleopard, Sep 28 2007]


       Hidden 'glow in the dark' skeletons?
the dog's breakfast, Sep 28 2007

       hehe-twist of fate! +
xandram, Sep 28 2007

       Eagles? Hawks? Rabid ostriches? +
Noexit, Sep 28 2007

       Sparrows of course... always.
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       [theleopard] - thanks for that link - I love it.
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       Swallows surely.   

       Is this going to change the behavior of birds? If they see a real cat will they think "Yum, food!" and land near it only to be eaten themseves? I think Leo's feedier could do the same thing. (open your mouth, cat & let me at the seeds I know are inside!)
the great unknown, Oct 01 2007

       gimmie a bowl!
evilpenguin, Oct 01 2007


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