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Fully-Clothed Celebrity Sites

Put it on!
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To counter the ever-present online hazard, these are websites intentionally devoid of naked-celebrity photos. To emphasize the point, they would feature photos of fully-clothed celebrities whom you'd never, ever want to see naked. (Several examples come to mind: Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, Joan Collins---oops, too late for her, but you get the idea.)
Ander, Dec 28 2000


       We need this now, more than ever.
hippo, Sep 25 2017

       Why, what’s Trump done now?
Ian Tindale, Sep 25 2017

       Nothing - it's just a precaution
hippo, Sep 25 2017

       You're safe - the Russians are holding the Trump images as insurance of further behaviors :-)
normzone, Sep 25 2017


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