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GUI widget-only screensaver

Swirly thing alert
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Thanks to [eleventeenthly]'s constant use of the BBC iPlayer and YouTube, and to my considerable surprise, i now have screenburn on this monitor. He watches both in a window rather than fullscreen, and there's now a permanent shadow of the search box, address bar and the top of the title bar on here, up /^\there/^\. I am not very happy about this.

The trouble is, of course, that the screensaver kicks in over the whole screen, so he turns it off. This is understandable if annoying. However, there is a solution to this, somewhat akin to the swirly desktops you can get: make the GUI widget furniture display a screensaver rather than the text or video areas of the screen. For instance, sweeping inverting vertical bars or simply swirls of contrasting colours would allow one still to see the controls and text on the edge of windows while not interfering with one's viewing pleasure.

I hope this is baked, but it's certainly not "widely known to exist" to me, [eleventeenthly], [grayure] or the other one.

nineteenthly, Jul 06 2008

JScreenFix http://www.jscreenfix.com/
Fix screen burn-in. [Cedar Park, Jul 08 2008]

Dead Pixel Tester http://www.dataproductservices.com/dpt
Setting "solid" with an automatic cycle time of 1ms usually does the trick, eventually. [reap, Jul 08 2008]


       Good thinking [nineteenthly], however, in the case of watching video in a window, wouldn't the partial screen saver be distracting?
Jinbish, Jul 06 2008

       Hmm, maybe. Probably not if the screensaver concerned was a very gradually changing colour scheme.
nineteenthly, Jul 06 2008

       I have to wonder how may screens have taskbars burnt into them. I think the real solution is to get an LCD.
Bukkakinator, Jul 08 2008

       [Bukkakinator], i thought that too, but this is an LCD monitor. I really thought they were immune, but they aren't because this one has it.   

       [Ian], i'd send you a screenshot but i don't know where you live.
nineteenthly, Jul 08 2008

       The problem is when you can tell what the last owner had on the screen most of the time when you get it...
xxobot, Jul 08 2008

       Where I work, we have the same image on LCD screens permanently. This has caused a burn-in like effect on the screens. Manufacturers tend to call it "pixel memory".   

       We can usually get rid of a month worth of pixel memory on a screen with a 24 hour run of the pixel tester built in to DPT [link]. Although, we have had some that have required a week of continual pixel exercising. There have been some that are irrepairable, or at least we give up after one week.   

       It's a free download, so give it a try.   

       WARNING: The rapid changing of an entire screen full of colour had an effect on employees with epilepsy. Consequently, we have had to relocate the testing to a locked 19" cabinet.
reap, Jul 08 2008

       Brilliant, thanks. It seems to have improved a bit now, and i've now looked it up and it seems not to be permanent. However, what about plasma screens? Can it sort those out (waste of money, wasn't like that in my day etc...)   

       Later: Clearly something to do when we're all in bed though. I can't work out if my headache is caffeine withdrawal or weird temporal lobes now.
nineteenthly, Jul 08 2008


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