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Geocentric Orrery Sundial Watch

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The face of this watch is a sundial, with the gnomon being a miniature planet earth. A lightbulb, representing the sun, skirts the circumference so that the projected shadow of the earth illustrates the time.
mitxela, Jan 26 2016

Illustration http://mitxela.com/...GeoSundialWatch.jpg
Prototypical photoshop. [mitxela, Jan 26 2016]

Bulbdial Clock http://www.evilmads...bulbdial-clock-kit/
similar thing baked 7 years ago [notexactly, Jan 26 2016]

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       Creative. Artsy. Would be appealing to science toy stores or science museum gift shop type customers (+)   

       I recall the childhood excitement of receiving a fresh Edmund Scientific catalog in the mail. This watch would have caught my eye.
Sunstone, Jan 27 2016

       Gnomon. Orrery. Earth. All new words to me. Cool idea! [+]
whatrock, Jan 29 2016

       [+] The illustration really brings it together.
FlyingToaster, Jan 29 2016

       Maybe there could be a variant for politicians and celebrities where the gnomon is a tiny statue of themselves and the universe revolves around them.   

       For the especially arrogant, egotistical and self-obsessed, illumination of the dial at night could be provided by sunlight shining from the backside of the statue.
8th of 7, Jan 30 2016


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