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Heavy platinum bling

More conspicuous isotopic consumption
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A million dollar watch does not have anything a 300 dollar watch lacks. Same with a 50 dollar pen versus a 50,000 dollar pen. The whole point is the visible expense.

Platinum 198 is stable, yet only represents 7% of natural platinum. A rolex made of pure heavy platinum would be 1% heavier than a watch made of normal platinum, nonradioactive, and financially out of reach for those not accustomed to purchasing nuclear air craft carriers.

GutPunchLullabies, Apr 06 2007

Buy Platinum 198 (95.83% pure) http://www.medicali...ails.asp?find=12245
[ldischler, Apr 06 2007]

dichroic filter http://en.wikipedia...iki/Dichroic_filter
shine colors without wasting light. [MercuryNotMars, Apr 08 2007]


       Platinum 198? Pah! Common as lead. Go up-market - Platinum 192 is ten times rarer (0.8% of natural platimum), and is also stable. Being 1.5% lighter than regular platinum, it would be ideal for sports watches.   

       Or live dangerously, and go for platinum 190 - only 0.016% of natural platinum and lighter still. But not suited for heirlooms - half life is only six hundred billion years.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2007

       I say go for the halfnium isotope. It's an occasional byprouct of certain supercollider tests, currently running about $1B per gram. Perfect for plating the spinners on your Hummer.
nuclear hobo, Apr 07 2007

       //We laugh and joke now// you have an optimistic view of the life the masses.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 07 2007

       I reckon the future of jewellery is paper jewellery - increasingly rarer in today's new media society, where "print is dead"* and today's entirely paperless office, where everything takes place electronically - paper might become the quaint artifact of post-industrialisation.   

       * Ghostbusters, 1984
Ian Tindale, Apr 08 2007

       I have always liked the look of CDs with that opalecence. I think this stuff is the greatest thing since prismatic jewelery cuts with all the pretty rainbows. See link.
MercuryNotMars, Apr 08 2007

       Do you remember laser-etched vinyl records? Around about circa 1980ish or thereabouts, there was one I remember not buying due to it costing money and not having any - a Split Enz record.
Ian Tindale, Apr 08 2007

       Tube amps are in now, big time (and big money), for that warm fuzzy sound. You'll also need a phonograph and mint collection of vinyl to be really cool.
nuclear hobo, Apr 09 2007


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