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Good Bad Restaurant

Binary Restsurant theme
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This is two restaurants built into a small building, so like a two store food court, and the restaurants are oppositely themed good and bad, and the color scheme goes along, one side black one side white, and one sells all good stuff like spoons and salt and milk and lemons and tea, and the other one sells forks and pepper and alcohol and prunes and coffee, maybe in order of their complexity, so the seating in the middle of the building could be arranged on a spectrum from good to bad and from less to more complex, so people who met st the restsurant could sit and meet according to the complexity of their problem and their self identification on a spectrum from good to bad.
JesusHChrist, Sep 09 2017

Shameless self-promotion of somewhat similar concept _27His_20and_20Hers_27
More of a place where opposite palates can eat together [RayfordSteele, Sep 09 2017]


       This has some merit. You could divide the restaurant into quarters so that nearer the back there was higher interactivity, so people sitting on the good side could simply sit at a table with high interactivity and start talking with their tablemates and have conversations about things that are good. Good meeting with good would be nice.   

       I would prefer it if the restaurant were all good.
beanangel, Sep 09 2017


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