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Grandma's Chicken Soup Delivered Within Three Hours From Halfway Around The Globe

Restaurant located next to your far away loved ones will make anything with the recipe and ingredients of your choice and deliver it to them.
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Picture this, your buddy, we'll say his name is Max, is sick. You know Max will love your home made chili but he lives half way around the world.

No problem, call Remulac3's Home Recipe Delivery Service. Simply text clear instructions and an ingredients list to our location nearest your buddy (along with sayyyy... about three hundred bucks) and we'll whip up a batch of your special chili and deliver it to the Maxster.

Great for college students. Imagine their surprise when a bowl of grandma's chicken soup arrives for the college student with a cold living in another state.

Then... bla bla bla etc.

doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2020

Soup By Post Soup_20By_20Post
Basic idea here, though yours is nicely tweaked. [whatrock, Feb 21 2020]

Hamtramck, Michigan https://en.wikipedi...Hamtramck,_Michigan
Used to to be largely Polish, now mainly Arabic. Times change. [Chairborne Hero, Feb 25 2020]


       [+] For sentiment, but would prefer idea if the food was made locally via a recipe link interface, to avoid unecessary travel that adds to global warming and causes even more climate destruction. Maybe this actually is the idea and it needs a bit of clarity?
xenzag, Feb 21 2020

Voice, Feb 21 2020

       //would prefer idea if the food was made locally// That's in the idea as described.
Voice, Feb 21 2020


       Put a clarification on the description. It was a bit vague.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2020

       I've sort-of done this; not with food, but with photo products (a poster, a couple of mugs). I e-mailed a printing company in the same city as my friend/recipient (in a whole 'nother country to me) and asked them to print, package, label, courier.
Maybe not a fancy restaurant, but a less-rigid-menu type eatery might do this (for a fee). I think it's at least worth an experiment or 2.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 21 2020

       Awesome idea - and not much of a stretch from existing take-out places and ghost kitchens that rely entirely on delivery services. Just an extra degree of customization.   

       The only thing I'd worry about would be product quality. Could you trust anyone to REALLY make it as good as Grandma? Even an expert cook with the most carefully written recipe might not get identical results or source the perfect ingredients.   

       Not soup or chili, but I make pretty good pesto and could give instructions in excruciating detail. But unless you go out to my wife's garden and cut the basil at the exact time I need it, it won't come out right.
Chairborne Hero, Feb 21 2020

       Yes, the instructions would have to be spot on and the location doing the prep and cooking would have to have access to quality ingredients. It would obviously have to be next door to a very well stocked grocery store.   

       Even then, there might be that subtle something missing, but I would think usually it would be close enough.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2020

       //From Halfway Around The Globe   

       Do you get to choose the half?
not_morrison_rm, Feb 21 2020

       Put the globe on the table beside the kitchen door.
pocmloc, Feb 21 2020

       Add a bottle of medicinal Scotch?
whatrock, Feb 21 2020

       Re link: How about that. Great minds think alike.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2020

       ..., fools rarely differ.
8th of 7, Feb 21 2020

       When I was a small child, and if I was ill, my mother used to give me chicken soup. She did have some Jewish ancestry somewhere. Anyway, this chicken soup was great - chickeny, soupy and with little noodles in it. It made it almost made it worth being ill. Years later I discovered it was Heinz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2020

       Heinz, the great condiment mogul who invented ketchup which was designed to cover the taste of rotting food in the days before refrigeration. (really) Also owing their inventions to the bad old days of rotten food, Coca Cola, a "medicine" from back when early attempts at food preservatives caused lots of stomach problems, including cancer, and the partnership of Birdseye and Post to bring frozen foods and refrigerated frozen food sections to stores. Post was the daughter of the cereal mogul who ripped off the recipe for breakfast cereal from Kellog before blowing his brains out. She created the modern supermarket.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2020

       //Heinz, the great condiment mogul who invented ketchup// But ketchup goes back wayyyy before Mr. Heinz. Even tomato ketchup predates Heinz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2020

       The recipe for sugary tomato ketchup I should say. It was a fish sauce from the orient previous to that.
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2020

       Well, yes, but even tomato ketchup wasn't invented by Heinz.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2020

       The recipe that created a billion dollar ketchup empire and took over the name ketchup.   

       Put it this way, if somebody said “Pass the ketchup.” and was handed a bottle of pre-Heinz ketchup what would they say when they tasted it? (After they spat it out that is.)
doctorremulac3, Feb 21 2020

       I have been vegetarian more or less since birth. The only time I ever have chicken soup is any time I have a bad cold, even if I'm in, say, Hungary. It never fails to work, even if it turns out to be some ready-made powder packet. Makes me suspicious that regularly eating chicken may be the better survival mechanism...
4and20, Feb 21 2020

       It's not a better survival mechanism for the chicken ....   

       Well, the individual chicken, that is; for chickens as a breed, it makes huge sense. As Stephen Fry pointed out, "If you want to grow and prosper in enormous numbers, make sure you taste good to humans when you're cooked".   

       The most successful species are the ones humans prefer as food. Time to splice the "Kentucky Fried" gene into pandas ....
8th of 7, Feb 21 2020

       //It never fails to work//   

       Have you tried swapping out vegetable soup? And are you getting enough protein and enough salt?   

       Or maybe it's the elevator button phenomenon. Push the "close door" button and the door closes. Don't push it and it closes anyway.
Voice, Feb 21 2020

       //Years later I discovered it was Heinz. — MaxwellBuchanan,   

       Well, the obvious deduction is your mum ran Heinz.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 22 2020

       //my mother used to give me chicken soup//   

       When our dog was close to death by multiple organ failure, we fed him on soft chicken and rice, and he made a full recovery.   

       Of course, it is just possible that the specialised antibiotics also contributed to the outcome.
pertinax, Feb 22 2020

       Add another option: Ethnic baked good.   

       Originally from a part of the USA with a large Polish enclave, I got used to having a Pączki on Fat Tuesday. Where I'm living now, hardly anyone has heard of them... and nobody knows where to find them locally.   

       I might have to settle for a jelly donut.
Chairborne Hero, Feb 24 2020

       // a large Polish enclave //   

       That's like ... something between a Bishop and Cardinal, but in the Orthodox church ... right ?   

       Or is that an Archi .. er ... mandrill ?
8th of 7, Feb 24 2020

       // a large Polish enclave //   

       I meant Hamtramck Michigan. The (link) would tell you a bit about its hstory but the important thing to me is that the Polish influence spread through the entire Detroit metro area. Many good restaurants, bakeries, festivals etc.   

       A few of my current coworkers are also from Michigan and we're all bemoaning the lack of such luxuries around here - which is why it's a good fit for doc's proposal.
Chairborne Hero, Feb 25 2020

       Not any sort of religious leader, then. OK.
8th of 7, Feb 25 2020

       Good chefs would would have a cooking essence all their own. Can a place and time with some specific soul doing a specific action be replicated in a totally different time and space by another soul?   

       My guess, probably down to how sick, or how good the taste buds of the recipient are.
wjt, Feb 26 2020


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