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Grey aliens are time-traveling genetically modified humans

Not as crazy as it sounds
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Grey aliens [1] are the most commonly encountered type of space alien by humans, accounting for 43% of reported alien encounters in the US [2]. The similarity in the configuration of their bodies to that of ours and the observed variation in their bodies have been difficult to explain, and have led many to believe that the reported encounters did not actually occur. [1§Evolutionary feasibility debate]

In the context of human colonization beyond our solar system, it has been proposed that we send humans who are genetically modified to be better adapted to the environments they will find on the planets they are to colonize. [3][4][5][6]

Time travel may exist in the future, especially with the explosion of technology that is just starting these days and will likely be enhanced a great deal by having many more billions of humans on several planets developing technology.

Therefore, I propose a theory to explain Greys: They are distant-future genetically modified descendants of humans who come back in time to visit us, possibly even to plant the seeds of their own existence.

This is effectively the inverse of another theory that has been proposed and declared nonsensical: They visited Earth throughout our evolutionary history and guided our evolution to produce beings similar to themselves. [1§Evolutionary feasibility debate][7]

notexactly, Apr 01 2016

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THE GREY ALIEN / HUMAN EVOLVED THEORY http://arcturi.com/...nevolvedtheory.html
This is, [notexactly], not exactly an original concept. [tatterdemalion, Apr 02 2016]

Repo Man (1984) https://www.youtube...watch?v=vRJ5cCP0ZPE
Movie CLIP - Flying Saucers & Time Machines [tatterdemalion, Apr 02 2016]


       //not as crazy as it sounds// -- obligatory [marked-for-tagline]
theircompetitor, Apr 01 2016

       Maybe a side-effect of time travel is to come out looking like that.
Ian Tindale, Apr 02 2016

       So, you're suggesting that in the future, anal probing will become some sort of craze?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2016

       It could be the mandatory form of biometric information transfer.
Ian Tindale, Apr 02 2016

       How do I un-see the resultant biometric crossover cable?
whatrock, Apr 02 2016

       I have a theory. It looks like this is the correct page for theories.   

       We all know lots of things and have learned lots of things. One view is that we keep the knowledge and learning in our head, in our brain. That may well be true, but the brain is such a simple mechanism that it may transpire that this is not where the knowledge ‘lives’.   

       I propose that we don’t keep the knowledge in our heads, but we keep something in our heads that is then used to ‘access’ the knowledge “out there, somewhere”. It’d be hideously inefficient if we all went round with identical copies of a correct knowledge each in our heads. That wouldn’t be the case, of course, it’d be more likely that there is, on any particular topic or learning or subject or facet, one universal ‘correct’ way to understand it. This understanding has a sort of shape or form that exceeds what a human brain could model. All we need is the access to it. Learning and knowledge is building good strong reliable access to the actual truth.   

       However, a lot of what we learn isn’t kept in the brain. A lot of it is muscle memory. A lot of what we learn is the body learning. Also, a lot of what we sense is ‘gut feeling’, which is a real kinaesthetic sensory channel. It is probably the most governing sense we have (yet not the most detailed). It’s the sense we want to obey the most.   

       The ancient people (before science got to where it’s got) imagined that the thoughts we have are ‘air’ currents in the head and body. Of course, we know this as incorrect. We know it’s not based on air rushing from place to place in the body.   

       However, in the morning, there’s always a session of air movement and expulsion through farting, immediately following a different activity — that of dreaming (even if not consciously remembered).   

       I suggest that a lot of what happens when we dream makes just about no sense whatsoever to our consciousness. However, it might make some sort of encoding sense in terms of contributing what we have learned or understood, back to the external outside ‘truth’. The dreaming is to put it into a transmissible state in the form of chemical payloads within air currents from the gut. Then when we fart, our understanding joins the air out there, amalgamating with all the other understanding of a particular topic or facet that already is out there in the info-sphere, offloading the requirement to keep such a huge data load in our brain. All we need is the access to it, and we have that because we sent some of the knowledge out there in the first place.   

       Anyway, that’s a theory. Might be correct, don’t know.
Ian Tindale, Apr 02 2016

       The grey aliens are frequently described as being telepathic. Where did we get the genes for that? Also, they seem to only fly at night, and are described as having huge eyes, implying they are nocturnal. Why would we need to do that to our descendants?
Vernon, Apr 02 2016

       If only there were some way of capturing those gray aliens, finding out how much they owe and making them pay.
bungston, Apr 02 2016

       // I propose that we don’t keep the knowledge in our heads... Then when we fart, our understanding joins the air out there... //   

       So our brains are cloud transceivers and farting updates the knowledge bank in the cloud. I love it. Genius!
whatrock, Apr 02 2016

       This would make cows amongst the greatest contributors to earthly knowledge.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2016

       Also, isn't it more likely that the grey aliens would be genetically modified elephants or dolphins? A dolphin might find hands very useful, whereas a human would not find it useful to become grey.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 02 2016

       Well, it’d be cow-ly knowledge. I suspect in the case of living animals that are not generalists, the knowledge or ‘understanding’ doesn’t vary widely, and possibly doesn’t require vocabulary to perceive it. In the case of most animals it’d be what we would observe as “instinct”, such as animals that fly to a certain place automatically (not cows) and animals that behave in a predictable manner under predictable circumstances without ever having had to learn it.
Ian Tindale, Apr 02 2016

       is too.
pashute, Apr 02 2016


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