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Guess that dead body

with your host the queen mum
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contestants have to guess a dead bodie... bodies come in all sorts of mangled positions or flame-grilled bodies or just pain gory guts
Antus, Aug 30 2001


       You were quick off the mark UnaBubba! - I saw the title and thought some clever Professionals-themed wordplay was called for, only to discover you got there first. Serves me right for going out for lunch.
hippo, Aug 30 2001

       Lunch? at this time of morning? heh

Just make sure the Queen Mum has her teeth capped first.
Man, don't the royals have insurance?
thumbwax, Aug 30 2001

       Guess, as in "identify"? that's kind of boring - besides, you would have to have a lot of famous dead bodies, to make them guessable.
quarterbaker, Aug 30 2001

       [quarterbaker] You're thinking of the spin-off series 'Celebrity Guess The Dead Body'. I think this is the standard version, using friends and family of the contestants.
-alx, Aug 30 2001

       Gruesomely baked. I was in Sri Lanka when a suicide bomb went off. The newspapers are a little more robust than I'm used to: there were gory pictures of many of the victims and assorted limbs. There was one particlaur picture of a severed head lying on the pavement with the caption "Does anyone know this man? The police believes that this is the head of the suicide bomber, if anyone has any information about this person please contact..."
Gordon Comstock, Aug 30 2001

       Why not have it so that the contestant would have to guess the cause of death i.e. chainsaw to the genital area, knife in the back, fell off 10 story building and bounced a few times, etc...
barnzenen, Aug 30 2001

       part of the show could include a "through the keyhole" film clip - whose body would porsibly live in a house like this ???
po, Aug 30 2001

       you just have to be awkward for awkward sake
po, Sep 02 2001

       Wasn't bodie Doyle's partner?
pussygalore, Sep 02 2001

       But Gordon Jackson was best.
DrBob, Mar 27 2003

       (DrBob, known for leaving long pauses in conversations)
hippo, Mar 27 2003

       Almost baked with a recent TLC show on autopsies. Face blurred, genitals covered, but heart and brains out on display while they slice them up like a loaf of bread.   

       "Hey - those guts look like my uncle's!"
resurgere, Mar 27 2003


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