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HB EU ideas

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While waiting for any sign that sanity has been restored in Parliament – if ever - I wonder the future of ideas posted in the UK.

As we all know, current UK posts fall under the EU Demi Boulangerie Section in Strasbourg and presumably would now fall under the WTO regulations?

I have this nasty suspicion that we'll be standing next to the border of Ireland shouting our ideas, not knowing if someone on the other side is listening and writing them all down.

It's hardly efficient as you can imagine

“Did you say Fungible Sock Inverter!”

“No, I (sound of feedback from megaphone) Dirigible Octopus Adverts”

(at this point it starts to rain and note pad gets drenched

not_morrison_rm, Mar 15 2019

EU "Link Tax" aka Ancillary Rights http://www.europarl...(2016)593564_EN.pdf
It doesn't "come into force" at the end of March, it's in the process of democratic approval, and when you read the actual proposal, seems to suggest extending the rights afforded to copyright-owners of music and video to textual works. And it's not "imposing fines" rather granting publishers the optional right to claim renumeration for online use of their material. If nothing else, it would appear the legislation is being well and transparently researched - the findings openly published and the adoption subject to democratic consent. Just as it should be. Go EU, another example of the high standards of competence we've come to expect. Sadly here in the UK, the tabloids just call this "Link Tax" and that's that. [zen_tom, Mar 16 2019]

Steve Bannon at the Oxford Union https://www.youtube...watch?v=8AtOw-xyMo8
[bigsleep, Mar 16 2019]

very poor drawing of t-shirt https://drive.googl...0e33U-8dAeZO8dww4qT
[not_morrison_rm, Mar 28 2019]

How the mishearing of ideas can actually be a good thing Half-heard genius
[notexactly, Apr 28 2019]


MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2019

       I predict that the exchange rate will be seriously affected. An idea that is merely whimsical in the UK will likely be pant-wettingly hilarious in Italy and Switzerland, and totally unfunny in Rottweilistan and Persia. The leverage of credibility and scientificism is also likely to mean differently elsewhere.
Ian Tindale, Mar 15 2019

       Still trying to work out what the idea is but in the meantime I'm enjoying the imagery [+] despite the vague suspicion this may be pro-remain commentary.
Skewed, Mar 15 2019

       Ironically, the HB might not be available in all counties except the UK. The EU link tax comes into force end of March which means any sites without monetised links for the copyright holders of the link contents will be fined.
bigsleep, Mar 16 2019

       You'll have to imagine the two upside v's as this alleged smartphone don't do them.   

       Me, I am paragon of political balance and nonpartisan-ism.   

       I remain etc...
not_morrison_rm, Mar 16 2019

       There are already many lengths of bailing cord with tin cans on each end, stretching across the border between Northern Ireland and ROI at numerous locations. This is despite the best efforts of the DUP (who run around with scissors cutting the connection) or Sinn Fein (who make anyone disappear who even tries to give credibility to a border).
xenzag, Mar 16 2019

       //Sadly here in the UK, the tabloids just call this "Link Tax" and that's that//   

       It's worse than that as smaller companies running a web presence which allows e.g. a blog to include links or clips, will be buried under paperwork, or forced to close, remove all content, be fined etc. These new laws only benefit the bigger (non content producing) players.   

       Having said that, I've always wondered how someone not the owner of a pop video can post the entire thing and e.g. YouTube does not remove it immediately, but these new laws seem unnecessarily restrictive and will have a huge impact on YouTube content which is generally a mish-mash of stock footage, stills, and quotes.   

       The 'link tax' applies to anything that gives more than a simple sentence, so all those HB links which have copied a whole paragraph into the link description will actually violate the new laws. As far as I know the only cost effective solution for the HB is to exclude access from the EU.
bigsleep, Mar 16 2019

       From page 18   

       "The final text clarifies that 'hyperlinks' to news articles and 'individual words or very short extracts' (i.e. 'snippets') do not fall within the scope of the new right. Information society service providers will therefore, in principle, remain free to use such parts of a press publication, without requiring authorisation from the publisher."   

       I guess it comes down to interpretation, but the clear thrust of the legislation is to avoid automated mass news aggregators from scraping content from around the net and repackaging it as their own, for commercial purposes. (Academic use being granted near blanket exceptions for example) still - as with all regulation, it's up for a democratic vote by elected representatives of all our nations, so if you don't like it, feel free to lobby against it.   

       I'm only stepping in on a clear case of "tabloidisation" since we're all being made a great deal poorer, and our freedoms curtailed because we've collectively failed to point out the tedious detail and allowed over simplification of such things to result in a biasing of the narrative (e.g. Bendy Bananas is still a thing). Our negligence in this regard has largely led to the current mess - and it's probably the only thing left anyone who cares can actually do. It's annoying having to be the tedious one in a conversation - but because a select few insist on wilfully misinterpreting and weaponising what's often fairly sensible stuff in the name of 'bants', someone's got to do it.   

       But yeah, it's up for a democratic vote - so I guess we'll see how it goes.
zen_tom, Mar 16 2019

       Well, it should be split about fifty fifty, or it isn’t a democratic outcome.
Ian Tindale, Mar 16 2019

       //wilfully misinterpreting//   

       I don't think they are exaggerating the damage this will cause.   

       I've added a list of red pill channels to my profile page, many of them will have a discussion on articles 11 & 13.
bigsleep, Mar 16 2019

       I'm guessing the Daily Mail is still selling well in Bigsville.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2019

       Don't speculate Max. Give some of the channels a go and you'll see that UK newspapers are just different colours of a well rehearsed mainstream gig - short format taking no bold stance. They are just like UK politicians covering their own ass, not sticking their neck out and finding minor points to disagree just so they sound credible.   

       All of the channels listed have people willing to give their opinions based on research and hard facts. And they are not shy about doing so.
bigsleep, Mar 16 2019

       My gods, it must be a conspiracy.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2019

       It will be a revelation to some.   

       I guess I was an indoctrinated lefty a few years ago. Always been a critical thinker but I watched a long interview with Steve Bannon in the early days and suddenly found myself agreeing with much of what he said. There is no doubt he was demonised by the mainstream, there is no doubt I watched the interview expecting to demonise him more, but I started actually listening. Bannon did an excellent speech and Q&A at the Oxford union well worth a watch [link].
bigsleep, Mar 16 2019

       Never heard of him.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 16 2019

       Steve Bannon was the Breitbart guy who was effectively POTUS for a brief time, with Trump as his figurehead.   

       I don't expect to ever agree with him on much, but I am worried about articles 11 & 13. (It's news to me that he is, if he is. I haven't heard his name since Trump fired him.) Have any of you read (or participated in) MEP Julia Reda's Reddit AMAs on this topic?
notexactly, Mar 17 2019

       Wondering about a t-shirt with pic of the Houses of Parliament with Rorschach's quote about ''like an abattoir full of retarded children'' would sell a few?   

not_morrison_rm, Mar 28 2019

       Reviewing the current situation, it is becoming clear that a solution brainstormed by the HB is far more likely to be practical and acceptable than anything Westminster or Brussels can come up with ...   

       Watch out for the next thrilling contribution from the BorgCo scriptwriting, garden furniture and deep-sea salvage department, entitled "Faulty Powers" , a front-splitting situation comedy in which a guest house proprietor, M. Barnier tries to stop Mrs May from leaving without paying a hugely inflated bill ...
8th of 7, Mar 28 2019

       Watchmen Rorschach's, ''like an abattoir full of retarded children'' seems dualistic when Rorschach seemed to be all about widening the spectrum and not duality. I suppose it's easy for the watchers to become the herded, though.
wjt, Mar 30 2019

       On closer inspection many of the EU regulations are actually halfbaked. Take the plan to abolish daylight savings time - each country can choose which time zone to stick to, which means Ireland and Northern Ireland might be on different timezones and there could be other weird anomalies traveling round europe. Obviously mandating a change (like the mandatory speed limiters in cars), would obsolete a lot of software with a degree far more serious than the Y2K scare.
bigsleep, Mar 30 2019

       Far as I remember, y2k didn't crash anything vital?
not_morrison_rm, Mar 31 2019

       //Far as I remember, y2k didn't crash anything vital?//   

       For Y2K it was different, those in the know could allow themselves some years notice according to a secret formula.   

       But the EU just makes stuff up and wants it implemented within a few years. Speed limiters, GPS trackers and black boxes in all cars within 3 years !? That's AOC levels of insanity.
bigsleep, Apr 01 2019

       What has Adam Oxlade-Chamberlain done to you?
calum, Apr 01 2019

       // I guess I was an indoctrinated lefty a few years ago.//   

       It's good to know you're open to changing your mind, [bigs], but beware of flipping from one paranoid view of things to a different paranoid view of things. Have you read Camus' Myth of Sysiphus? It's not really leftist or rightist; what it is is well- informed and humane, especially in not taking itself too seriously.
pertinax, Apr 30 2019

       Surely that story is old-fashioned and therefore out of date and obsolete, having no applicable use in today’s normal day to day office life?
Ian Tindale, Apr 30 2019

       What's the emoticon for "I appreciate and heartily endorse your withering sarcasm"?   

       Maybe there isn't one, in which case, might the language of flowers offer something? Or some other language; heraldry? An extension to Morse Code?
pertinax, Apr 30 2019

       An ideogram of Cthulhu would seem appropriate.
8th of 7, Apr 30 2019


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