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A real world Halfbakery
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Bring your crap ideas and we'll patten them or give you a fish! There could be a chain of halfbakery stores across the US&UK!
Slaith, Feb 10 2006

Patten http://upload.wikim...a8/Chris_Patten.jpg
understandably upset by Atlanticist slant of the idea posted. [calum, Feb 10 2006]


       [Slaith] Please put this into category "Halfbakery:realisation" ..and what's 'patten'? patent? pattern?   

       If you're going to be handing out fish, then I'll see you every Friday.
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 10 2006

       Patte(r)n them? Like tartan or something?
zen_tom, Feb 10 2006

       Patten (n.) Any one of various types of wooden-soled footwear, such as a sandal, shoe, or clog, worn to increase one's height or to keep one's feet out of the mud.   

       Presumably: Patten (v.) To kick/trample/jump on something whilst wearing your pattens.
Prak, Feb 10 2006

       Platen? To flatten them down into some sort of hard disc.   

       Or possibly Patten (v): to emulate the General.   

       P.S. why just the US&UK?
moomintroll, Feb 10 2006

       sp: carp.
hidden truths, Feb 10 2006


       I once got this for my hind end.
bungston, Feb 10 2006


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