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Halfbakery Credit Card

Credit Card
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Every time I get a credit card , I get an option to pick a logo for the card , and an option to belong to some shit club. Well you know what, I want a credit card with the "Halfbakery" logo on it to let the World know I'm Half Bake'd. And I want membership preferences, like two and a half biscuits on my pillow wherever I check in ! Damn it!, I'm checking in, here's my plastic, that's right, I'm Halfbaked', now give me my biscuits!.
SuperHole, Sep 24 2006

The Card http://www.bankofam...s_photo_expressions
Put your own image on a credit card [MoreCowbell, Sep 25 2006]

The image http://us.inmagine....006/gwe73805698.jpg
[MoreCowbell, Sep 25 2006]

I've heard of worse ideas... https://wwwa.applyo...=GFD-MC-48696-49187
[wagster, Sep 25 2006]

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       I understand that when you use your Halfbakery Credit Card new idea postings are only charged half the standard rate and annotations are free on Sundays.
jurist, Sep 25 2006


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