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Dive in style
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I enjoy both snorkeling and scuba-diving. My biggest nemesis on these trips is sunburn, which calls for a wide-brimmed hat. Unfortunately, such hats present a decided encumbrance when swimming underwater. Of course, you could simply take off your hat when getting in the water and put it back on when you are finished, but where's the fun in that?

Enter the hatamaran. This nifty piece of headgear features a wide rim with small pontoons on either side. As you dive beneath the water, the hatamaran simply floats off you head. Then, the miniature onboard motor kicks in, and the hatamaran follows your underwater movements by sonar. The hatamaran maintains a steady position above your head, so it will be within easy recovery range when you surface. With a little practice it will actually be perched on your dome as you break the water.

Besides providing sun protection, the hatamaran also functions as an extra safety feature. Should you inadvertantly become lodged under a rock, the hatamaran will show searchers your wherebouts. At the least this will allow recovery of your dive gear.

The deluxe version, does of course, include miniature sea-to-air missiles for engaging enemy hatalloons as well as pesky seagulls.
riemann_ranger, Jan 13 2006

Hatalloon Floaty Bluetooth Hatalloon
thanks to wagster [riemann_ranger, Jan 13 2006]

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       oh, you silly thing <shoves shoulder hard> but I liike you...
po, Jan 13 2006

       Didn't someone else propose a floating sunshade of some type?
DrCurry, Jan 13 2006

       It's a bit complex for my taste, but I bunned it. I could truly use a folding brim for scuba diving. I wouldn't want the drag while underwater, but sometimes the glare on the surface is painful.   

       [Ranger], where are you located at? Do you do any freediving?
normzone, Jan 13 2006

       Wow. My ideas are like dominoes, it seems. Chain reaction...
DesertFox, Jan 13 2006

       So it would seem [DF]. Let hat battle commence.   

       [ranger] - Watch out for [normzone]'s crazy sports.   

wagster, Jan 13 2006

       Fatman's Hatamaran comes with beer nozzle and powdered nacho through a small tube.
benfrost, Jan 14 2006


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