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History here there and everywhere

Accurate history list on multiPC users
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I love this site.

I'm probably addicted.

I love it so much that nearly always have a halfbakery recent window open whilst at work just in case a gem of an idea crops up. When I get home after a few days at work, I'll log in from here too.

Problem is, I can log on from two PCs, but this site (and others) does not record my history. Rather, its my PC that stores the history so no matter where I log on, I don't have a complete record of the pages visited.

I propose the storing the urls of previously visited pages against a users log-in or indeed against a user's MS passport. If this happens, history lists would be true, even when using multiPCs.
jonthegeologist, Nov 08 2003

ClickChronicle http://www.clickchronicle.com/
Remote stored and searchable history. [ironfroggy, Mar 14 2007]


       You could certainly keep your browser history on an Internet-accessible storage device. Configure all your browsers to use it and you're in.
phoenix, Nov 08 2003

       There was toolbar from www.a9.com which provided browser history but later they stopped the service. I came to know there are some addins which can enable your browser history to save online and access through any browser if it has that plugin. Only thing is you need to login to that toolbar. There is another service from www.attention.org which provides you a addin for Firefox and Flock browsers which records the entire history but it didn't seems to provide much of the details you may require.
drizzlein, Mar 14 2007

       Check out ClickChronicle, which both stores your history remotely and allows you to do full text search within your history.   

       I've been considering a small firefox extension that would automatically bookmark _everything_ I go to privately with a special history tag.   

       See the link.
ironfroggy, Mar 14 2007


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