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Rhymes with soirée
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Two short goalposts and ten sturdy wickets are frozen in the ice of the rink. Two padded teams on skates, wielding wooden mallets and without goalies, start at their respective ends of the rink. Each team has a ball painted in their colors, and attempts to be first to hit it through all the wickets in the correct order and back to their goalpost to score a point.

Wicket offside rules will be enforced, and any player may swing at any ball at any time. Hard tackle croquet on ice!

FarmerJohn, Oct 14 2003


       do the hocquet-cocquet and shake it all about...thats what its all about...
po, Oct 14 2003

       Each team might need more than one on-side goalie to ensure the ball goes through the wickets in order.
phoenix, Oct 14 2003

       Calvin: "You know, the tempation to misuse these things is just about unbearable."
Eugene, Oct 14 2003

hippo, Oct 15 2003

       The use of the two semi-words leaves ample ammunition to suggest the game of Crokey.
MrKangaroo, Oct 15 2003

       Are you sure you're not thinking of "Crikey!" - the Cricket/Hockey hybrid?
hippo, Oct 15 2003


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