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Horse Pleasure Cone Hat

Everyone needs this or similar.
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This device is a hat shaped like a long cone, it has mechanical scalp massage fingers inside.

While the device massages your scalp the brim of the hat rotates around your head in front of your eyes.

On the inside of the brim are pasted full color images of horses prancing and having a good time.

Device is meant to help a person take their mind off of their troubles for a short time.

vfrackis, Apr 26 2009

I love horse http://www.deagostini.co.uk/ilovehorses
best of all the animals [miasere, Apr 27 2009]

All The Pretty Horses http://kunarion.com...ics/Amos_In_Hat.jpg
[Amos Kito, Apr 27 2009]

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Maintain your weight. Amputate [marklar, Apr 30 2009]


       What I like about this is that, given the title, the idea itself is somewhat coy.
calum, Apr 26 2009

       Nice One Calum!. My question was gonna be how it fits on the horse.
gnomethang, Apr 26 2009

       Do the horses animate in zoetrope fashion?
tatterdemalion, Apr 26 2009

       Can I just raise a relevant point about Googling "Horse pleasure"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009

       A nightmare!
jutta, Apr 26 2009

       Quit horseing around. The images were ponygraphic.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 26 2009

       bun if there can be image options! +
it's not that I don't like horses, but I'd get tired of looking at them, so there can be detatchable brims with other amimals, clouds, water, etc.
xandram, Apr 27 2009

       Did you just pick 4 words at random and make an idea out of them? If so then well done.
miasere, Apr 27 2009

       Haha, yeah, it's like the subect of a spam email. [link]
marklar, Apr 30 2009

       [marklar], that list bowled me over. Too much fun.
normzone, May 13 2009


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