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Hydro ammo

replace pellets with water inside shot gun ammo
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You see in a riot police shoot plastic pellets at the ground which bounce up and hit the rioters. (this can be dificult to do at times since you would have officers infront of you holding back the riot.) Instead of doing that why not fill a shot-gun bullet with water and shoot directly? (of coarse not at point blank)
bestial, Jul 24 2005

Water bullets http://coolgadget.net/wabalawaguns1.html
Doesn't quite have the range of a shotgun [fridge duck, Jul 26 2005]

Ice bullets discussed http://community.di...967776/m/6241924997
[spidermother, Feb 28 2006]


       Could this even work? I would assume the water would simply turn to a fine mist and not do any damage.
fridge duck, Jul 25 2005

       The water would disperse on leaving the gun and would indeed be a mist.
pooduck, Jul 25 2005

       You'd still have to hold back with officers in front of you.
reensure, Jul 25 2005

       Not if the water was shot out as chunks of ice at a steep angle up into the air and a hot steam engine was located up in the air hanging from a helicopter and the ice melted into rain and got the rioters all drenched.
phundug, Jul 25 2005

       Freeze it first....Uh, Phundug just beat me to it.
Ling, Jul 25 2005

       Well you could shoot it out as steam as well.
pooduck, Jul 25 2005

       phundug: that's pure genius but I would use a large RTG instead of a steam engine and use the power from the RTG to run an electric helicopter. Furthermore, stray shots would be targeted and melted by a pulsed MASER.
brewer, Jul 25 2005

       I have never heard of this bouncing bullet riot control method. Do you have to call your shot, or is slop allowed?
bungston, Jul 25 2005

       Barnes Wallis developed it, originally in order to control some German rioters.
wagster, Jul 25 2005

       Next riot I attend, I am wearing my cup.
bungston, Jul 25 2005

       Piss on 'em. No, seriously. Fill the shotshells with frozen pee - monkey pee, for extra effect - and you ought to get pretty impressive results.
elhigh, Jul 25 2005

       Maybe a thin gel film around the water/ dye/monkey pee... whatever? That might make the rounds into such a soft dum- dum round that it spreads upon impact with any solid object and never pierces it.
st3f, Jul 25 2005

       The volume of water required to be effective would exceed that available to any portable device except maybe a fire hose (which has historically been used as a crowd control device).
supercat, Jul 25 2005

       Bring it on, tyrannical oppressor! We shall overcome your water and hot sauce shot guns!
Ichthus, Jul 26 2005

       To my next demonstration, I'm taking a plate of scrambled eggs.
jutta, Feb 28 2006

       What will you demonstrate with them?
bungston, Feb 28 2006


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