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Idea Chooser

Solar Powered Digital Coin Flipper
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You're stuck in the hot sun between a rock and a hard place. Or maybe you have to choose between two girls.

The digital coin flipper will allow you to choose between them. Modes with three-sided coins and more are included!

Why not just use a normal quarter? and why solar powered? Excellent question! You just spent all you're quarters in that claw machine because you were on a roll silly! (why do you think you have two girls to choose from?) and if this was battery powered, you'd need to keep buying replacements.

No! It's a one-price only for a life time of choosing!

jsteinberg, Oct 07 2008

the diceman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dice_Man
[williamsmatt, Oct 07 2008]

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       the trick is, using it for every decision. someone wrote a book, someone else gave it to me as a present and it is a very strange read.
williamsmatt, Oct 07 2008

       Gary Gygax approved.   

       the moon I imagine.
po, Oct 07 2008

       on a stick.   

       //You just spent all, you're quarters in that claw machine because you were on a roll silly!// [my comma by the way]   

       That being said, why would anyone, having foolishly stood on a bap, find themselves chopped into 4 pieces in a 'claw machine' (whatever that is)?
zen_tom, Oct 07 2008

       //[my comma by the way]//
You're slipping [zen_tom]. You saw the missing comma, but missed the very present "you're".
sp. "your"
coprocephalous, Oct 07 2008

       Tish-tosh - I left the "you're" as is - concluding that it was put there on purpose - evidently a 'claw machine' is something that chops people into equally sized pieces (4 of them - i.e. quarters) and that the poster was stating his exasperation at the predicament of being so embarrasingly treated, for nothing more than treading on a bread roll.
zen_tom, Oct 07 2008

       You're so right - sorry [z_t].
My mistake.
coprocephalous, Oct 07 2008


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