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Natural Random

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As we know, computerized random number generators are not so random. Generally, they use the current time (down to milliseconds) as a seed to generate a number.

Nature can be very unpredicable. Even in this age, weather prediction isn't all that great.

A small computer hooked up to a few barometers, thermometers, psychrometers, and anemometers, using them for input as seed would yield a truly random number.

We could even use sphygmometers, but we need a volunteer.

DesertFox, Mar 21 2006

Good idea but baked http://www.lavarnd.org/
[theircompetitor, Mar 21 2006]


       Baked in a sense by the lava link, though I suppose you could claim that what you're doing is slightly different
theircompetitor, Mar 21 2006

       Using nature to provide random numbers is Half Baked, too - every other idea in this category is along those lines. But I don't think the things you're measuring are sufficiently random.
DrCurry, Mar 21 2006

       I like the idea. It's time Mother Nature started paying her way, she's had it easy the last few millennia.   

       A related concept (I thought of it second): Blow soap bubbles in the wind and derive a number based on their relative position over time. I like soap bubbles.
methinksnot, Mar 21 2006


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