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In-game character dialog battery warning

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The current gen consoles all have wireless controllers that come with them (but the 360 and PS3 have cheaper WIRED controllers that you can get if you don't care about wireless). Some Wii games actually give you an on screen warning when your controller's batteries are running low- I dont know about the other consoles, though.

Anyone who has played pokemon will know that sometimes, the in game characters will actually explain to you how to save your game, link up with other players, use certain moves etc.

I believe that if the games can already "read" your controller's battery meter and give you an on-screen low battery alert, then the in game characters should actually tell you that the batteries are running out on your controller-not just an onscreen message, mind you, THAT is baked on Wii, I mean the characters in the game actually telling you that your batteries are running low. EX- you're playing call of duty, and one of the allied soldiers tells you that your controller is running low on batteries

The same thing could also be do-able on portable game consoles as well- you walk into the pokemon center and then the person at the counter tells you that the batteries are low on your gameboy! :)

Dickcheney6, Nov 30 2008


       I'd rather have a simple red LED on the controller.
Spacecoyote, Dec 01 2008

       but surely more complicated for the same or reduced effect is better? ... the Inverse Occam's Razor is what keeps the economy 'alive'!
conskeptical, Dec 01 2008

       The Wii and Xbox 360 have LEDs on the controller that do this. Dont know about the PS3.
miasere, Dec 01 2008

       I own a wii, and I know for a fact that there is NOT a light on the controller to indicate when the batteries are low. You can press the menu button to show a battery meter for each controller connected, however. The 360 has a meter like that, and also a flashing light on the controller itself.
Dickcheney6, Dec 03 2008

       OK, so you're playing Call of Duty late into the night, your team has just lost the lead, and yet you're playing the best you ever have...   

       Or you're running second in a 3-hour endurance race, a minute behind first, but you're gaining just enough to dive past in the last few laps (assuming you can keep up the Michael Schumacher impression)...   

       how many people are going to risk being anihilated by looking down every five minutes to check if there's a blinking LED warning you you're about to die of 'low rations'/have a feinted driver smash into the barrier?   

       I like this idea... leaving the controller on charge when not in use may be a simpler solution, but a call from a tem-mate or your pit crew would be a welcome addition I think!
Skrewloose, Dec 03 2008

       How about an in-game character reminding you that you have a life and should probably stop playing now? V1.0 could simply be timer-based.
pertinax, Dec 03 2008

       Hard to believe this isn't already in place.
Noexit, Dec 03 2008

       "leaving the controller on charge when not in use may be a simpler solution"   

       The Wii and the 360 don't have rechargeable batteries in the controllers unless you buy them separate, and it's cheaper to just buy rechargeable AA batteries, which can be used on all your devices instead of just your controller. The PS3 controller on the other hand has built in rechargable batteries-which cant be replaced without taking the whole controller apart!!!!!!! WTF were they thinking??? Worse, you can only charge it from your console, and only when it's running!!!!!!! THERE ISNT AN AC CORD FOR THE #$%*&#&$^ CONTROLLER!!!!!!!!! One of many reasons I didnt buy a PS3 :)
Dickcheney6, Dec 06 2008


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