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Inflatable Disco Ball

An easily portable, inexpensive, shatterproof disco ball.
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The Inflatable Disco Ball is essentially a black beachball, covered with small mylar squares (mylar, as you probably already know, is that silver material sometimes used for balloons). The bottom of the ball has a small weight on the inside, to help keep it stable. Available in a range of sizes, the kit will also include a battery powered motor to spin the ball, and a pair of small spotlights.

The Inflatable Disco Ball won't perform quite as well as the real thing, but the much lower cost, shatterproof construction, and ease of portability and storage will make it an attractive option for the DJ, college student, or recreational drug user.

redshift9, Dec 15 2002


       I hate to burst your bubble...
thumbwax, Dec 15 2002


       Ah... okay.
redshift9, Dec 15 2002

       Cute! I'd buy one if the price was right.
waxingpoetic, Dec 16 2002

       not sure if this would work or not. the reason mirror balls use little mirrors is that they are perfectly flat and reflect the pinspot light that is aimed at them perfectly in all directions. Unless, of course, you just want to look at the spinning ball. I notice that some clubs don't even have a light shining on the ball as its meant to be, but just have the ball spinning like its part of the atmosphere. nice idea though. +1
djjosh1200, Dec 17 2002

       This might work when you absolutely, positively need a disco ball but have no ceiling in an open-air venue. Use the old vacuum cleaner/beachball demonstration of the Bernoulli Effect.
Probably wouldn't spin in exactly the same controlled manner as it's ceiling-suspended counterpart though.
half, Dec 17 2002

       //not sure if this would work or not. the reason mirror balls use little mirrors is that they are perfectly flat...//   

       I've wondered about that myself. I guess we'll never know for sure, unless NASA comes through with that research and development grant.   

       //...the Bernoulli Effect//   

       Ooooh! Perfect! The aeronautics guys will eat that up!
redshift9, Dec 17 2002

       very nice. but, because its so light, couldnt you just take it off and pass it around like in concerts. hmmm.... thats actually a good idea... an inflatable discoball thatyou could pass through the crowd in concerts....   


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