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Inmark - inline markup wysiwyg editor

Wysiwyg editor with option to see nearby markup
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Rather than using markup (or markdown, or wiki or json or whatever underlying formatting) and seeing a preview,

and also rather than using a Wysiwyg editor with the option to "View code"

the Inmark Editor is a Wysiwyg editor, with the markup around the words you are writing shown in a tooltip above or below the text you are editing, with errors in red, and the current markup interpretation repeated inside the text (eg. *blabla* will show up in bold (including the two stars).

If you mark a section it will show the markup for that section and a few letters before and after.

Clicking on the markup allows you to edit it (like editing the formula in excel)

If there's a link which is referred to in a different section of the markup, there will be a link in the tooltip to see that section of code.

The option to "view source" still exists, but will be used much less.

pashute, Jan 12 2018


       By the way, and marginally off-topic, but I would stress that if anyone is considering using markdown for any reason, I encourage not doing so and instead look at Asciidoc instead, instead. It is so much better.
Ian Tindale, Jan 12 2018


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