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Integrated circuit integrated battery

On chip battery
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With electronics ever shrinking, the biggest components these days are batteries. Electronics are shrinking because of integrated monolithic design. More and more functions can be included on a single chip. Often products are little more than the single chip and a battery. Let's take the next step and integrate the battery.

Layers of lithium anode and one of many cathode chemistries are stacked directly on top of the silicon wafer, and sealed inside the package. Thus, a single chip becomes a fully operational self powered device. This creates the lowest resistance path between the power source and consumer, increasing efficiency. Eliminating the battery packaging also eliminates weight.

This design is not without drawbacks, namely the non-replaceable battery. However, it has several advantages for niche applications. The smaller weight and bulk makes it ideal for miniature flying devices. Security dongles can be very tiny, and the integrated battery allows it to execute key dump routines if it detects tampering. It would even be a boon for cheap disposable novelty electronics.

If rechargeable battery chemistry is used, even more designs become available.

Aq_Bi, Jun 10 2010

On-chip Battery Debuts http://www.trnmag.c...s_Brief_032603.html
Baked in '02 [csea, Jun 10 2010]

Grad student project at UC Berkeley http://www.mse.berk...WIRELESS_NODES.html
Not sure how well this would survive soldering temperatures. [csea, Jun 10 2010]

A commercially available chip http://parts.usbid.com/MK48T08B15.html
"Reconditioned"? [csea, Jun 10 2010]

[1] How to replace the battery in a DS1287 to get your IBM PS/2 55SX working again http://www.instruct...r-an-IBM-PS2-55SX-/
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Mar 24 2018]

[2] How to fix an IBM PS/2 55SX with dead DS1287 https://electronics...287-real-time-clock
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Mar 24 2018]

[3] Historical page on the IBM PS/2 55SX historical page mentioning possible years of introduction https://ancientelec...ibm-ps2-model-55sx/
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Mar 24 2018]

[4] Cymbet EnerChip RTC product page, which mentions rechargeability but the capacity ratings are confusing http://www.cymbet.c...eal-time-clocks.php
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Mar 24 2018]

[5] News brief on Cymbet EnerChip RTC being introduced in 2012 http://www.electron...solid-state-battery
Mentioned in my anno [notexactly, Mar 24 2018]


       Isn't this called an iPod?
phoenix, Jun 10 2010

       Some [links] below.
csea, Jun 10 2010

       The Dallas DS1287 real-time clock chip has a built-in non- rechargeable battery. I don't know when it was introduced, but it was used in the IBM PS/2 55SX [1][2], which was introduced in 1987, 1988 or 1989 [3]. However, it's not rechargeable, so it's only a preheat, I think. (I read this idea to imply rechargeability.)   

       However, Cymbet's EnerChip RTC line [4], introduced in 2012 [5], consists of real-time clocks with integrated rechargeable batteries. However, I am not sure if this counts as a bake because I'm not sure whether this idea intends the battery to power just the one chip or the whole device.
notexactly, Mar 24 2018


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