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Interior wipers

Get spittle off your screen
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For those who spit whilst talking/singing in the car, and whose windscreen is permanently covered in spittle on the INSIDE (mine is!). They would work like normal wipers, but on the inside. I have to stop every couple miles to clear the phlegm off my screen. I had an accident once because the film of saliva acted as a magnifier, and caused me to misjudge distances.
Clumber, Apr 10 2004


       condensation might be better <she said condescendingly...>
po, Apr 10 2004

       I could have sworn I saw this on the HB before ...
Letsbuildafort, Apr 10 2004

       should i ask where all the spit goes when it wipes off the glass?
xx, Apr 10 2004

po, Apr 10 2004

       no, please!
Letsbuildafort, Apr 10 2004

       Could it not collect and feed back into the outside washer fluid tank? Well no one minds with shoes and glasses...
dooper, Apr 10 2004

       The windscreen is tilted in and your scrapping the under side so it will be diffcult for do any thing but drip or fly off the end of the wipers. ick.
xx, Apr 10 2004


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