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J or type T 120V halogen - LED replacement

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Current halogen living room lamps are 300 watt type, which (if you have 2 of them) burns 600 watts (that's almost have the amount of a small heater). I like LED replacement bulbs for standard outlets, but can't find one for halogen floor lamps, so this would use LEDs to illuminate the living room, for a fraction of the cost.
strongwarrior, Nov 08 2010

Original J-Type Halogen bulb http://searchlighti...ulb__BR-601075.aspx
Double Ended (78MM) J-Type Halogen Light Bulb. Sold in boxes of 10. Line Voltage 120 Volt halogen bulb available in: 75 watt, 100 watt, 150 watt, 200 watt, 250 watt and 300 watt. Note: For proper bulb life and safety please follow the suggested wattage that is listed for your lighting fixture. [strongwarrior, Nov 14 2010]


       When you say cost, do you mean total cost including how much 'leccy you'll save over the lifetime of the lamp, or how much it costs to buy one?
nineteenthly, Nov 08 2010

       Many of the large torchierre types intended to light a room with a single one are 300W. Of course it is already possible to buy identical lamps with fluorescent tubes. I'm not sure about LED yet, as the economical LED bulbs tend to be for low volume point lighting at this point.
MechE, Nov 08 2010

       my heater burns at 1500W; the bulbs in my lamp are 300W each (there are others at lower watts, but this is what mine has); I'm looking for something drastically less, not just a little less
strongwarrior, Nov 14 2010


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