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Jet Ski Watergun

Take it up a notch!
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Brawny, hairy jet skiing man! Is your jet ski no longer obnoxious enough? Too plebian to get noticed any more? Sort of girly? Take it to the next level! BUNGCO proudly introduces the JetProbe! This Terminatoresque water cannon mounts on the front of your jet ski and is powered by the jetski engine. But rather than shoot a stream of propulsive water behind you, the Probe shoots a stream of offensive water where you direct it! Now hose down those other losers jetskiing by! Get that girl's attention the old fashioned way - with a thorough dousing! Revel in their helpless squeals! The bigger your motor, the more power will be delivered to the Probe. For two-fisted waterProbing action, install two JetProbes on your Jetski - one Probe for each hand! Order today!
bungston, May 23 2004

Jet Ski with Two-Fisted Water Cannon http://www.epinions...D0D1-3A29098B-prod1
Hmmm... [jurist, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]

Water of Mass Destruction http://www.jowaterc...cessories/Jazz.html
Peddle Boat Water Cannon [eyeguy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       Wow, arm the probe-ulator.   

       <visualising Biggles-style dogfights between jetskis> Nice.
spacemoggy, May 23 2004

       Brawny, hairy jet skiing man climbs off his impressive, armed jetski to take a piss stop in the beach WC and shoots a stream from his petite probe.
FarmerJohn, May 23 2004

       I've seen the electric paddle boats with 2-fister watercannons on them. I guess it's only a bigger motor away from your idea.
eyeguy, May 24 2004

       I guess the harbor fire brigade might want some for lighter fires.
DrCurry, May 24 2004

       Nice. +
sartep, May 24 2004

       98 Pound Water-Wing Weakling Man.   

       Fun +
Salmon v2, May 25 2004


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