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Laptop Lid Diagram of Side-Ports

Put a sticker on the outer surface of the laptop's lid indicating the arrangement of ports on the side
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To attach power and peripherals to my laptop requires finding the correct ports in the back. Even though I know roughly where these are, I have to lift the thing up or turn it around to see well enough to make the connection. I would rather close the lid and then plug in without lifting or turning. To do this, I would just attach a sticker diagram of the ports with each one lined up. There would be a sticker for each of the four sides, filling the perimeter of the lid's surface.

Determining the laptop's ports all at once would also become easier since they are all represented on one facet.

Ketchupybread, Feb 09 2009

Port Stickers http://www.cyberguy....asp?productID=1808
[Amos Kito, Feb 14 2009]

Wi-Fi SD http://store.eye.fi..._US&SiteID=eyefisub
For your digicam. [TIB, Feb 14 2009]

USB Icon System http://student-iat....er/614SVA/index.htm
A new label system for USB ports, and an exploration of the problems that the existing USB port designs and labeling systems present for users. [davepepper, Mar 22 2009]


       But my macbook is so pretty and shiny...   

       Maybe make it some sort of static-cling device that can easily be removed once you've got the hang of it? The peripheral version of training wheels.
shapu, Feb 09 2009

       //But my macbook is so pretty and shiny...//Well, scratch it in then.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 09 2009

nomocrow, Feb 09 2009

       This idea doesn't apply to MacBooks because they have all their ports down the left-hand edge.
hippo, Feb 09 2009

       Two possible solutions   

       1. Have a screensaver with a picture of the ports   

       2. Point a web cam round the back
DenholmRicshaw, Feb 09 2009

       I generally grope.
nineteenthly, Feb 09 2009

       My MacBook is increasingly wireless in operation. The hard drives that used to connect to it are now Airdisks connected to an Airport Extreme, the Bose speakers formerly plugged into it are now over there plugged into an Airport Express. The printers are wireless now, and one of those has a scanner. The only things now that need direct connection are the 4490 scanner for film scanning, the usb lead for the D50 camera and they go into a spare cheap Belkin Mac Mini-shaped hub (which is totally bloody useless for normal hub duties - it disconnects the hard drives after 13 hours - bloody useless Belkin - I somehow forgot never to ever buy anything by them again) which is blu-tac'd sideways on the side of the desk, so I can plug usbsticks into the front, and the same with the iPod Touch (which didn't perform a functioning update recently when plugged into the Belkin useless hub, but updates perfectly well if plugged directly into the MacBook)
Ian Tindale, Feb 09 2009

sp. "engineering putty"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 09 2009

       <Off Topic> I generally grope </OT>
gnomethang, Feb 09 2009

       [moves a good six feet from PC]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 09 2009

       Hate to say it but you'd probably still have trouble even with stickers. I can make a pretty good guess where my USB ports are by looking at a connector that is already plugged in. But can I plug something else in? Not unless I turn my laptop around or waste five minutes of my life.
Bad Jim, Feb 09 2009

       What's the point of this when one can so easily lift and rotate the laptop to see the ports?
Spacecoyote, Feb 09 2009

       The point? If you actually have time to turn your laptop around every time you want to plug something in, more power to you, Mr. Vast Amounts of Idle Time.
nomocrow, Feb 13 2009

       I just bought a laptop today and now I can even see what you are talking about while you are talking about it. I feel so...well so connected.
blissmiss, Feb 14 2009

       Side ports are ok - it's rear ports that need stickers. The static-clingy things are a good idea - I hate stickers that won't come off. [+]
wagster, Feb 14 2009

       RFID to the rescue. USB ports glimmer ever more brightly as the appropriate plug is brought closer. Apply to any port type, in fact, make the wrong port(s) glow as well - red of course.   

       Maybe more data could be encoded into the proximity system as well, like the port could flash green when a USB jack is upside down.   

       Hey Apple: doit, doit...doit.   

       [Ian Tindale]: you can get a wireless SD card for your d50 (eye-fi). See linky.
TIB, Feb 14 2009

       Ha ha ha - what amusing prices. However, back in reality, I don't mind using my tiny little usb card reader (about as big as a usb memory stick) to read it and many other cards. That's a worthy sacrifice in connectivity - using actual wire, even if it's only 3cm of it.
Ian Tindale, Feb 15 2009

       //more power to you, Mr. Vast Amounts of Idle Time//   

shapu, Feb 16 2009


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