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Laser strings

Pluck strings without rough calluses
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The strings of the guitar would be lasers on a fixed plane. The lasers would measure how far away your fingers are and process that into which fret they're on. It would cut down on replacement strings because you wouldn't be wearing the down. For batteries, it would have a lithium rechargeable battery pack that would be removable.
robbie the rocker, Dec 22 2005

for [frog] http://www.discover...a/laserHarp-300.htm
[Worldgineer, Dec 22 2005]

Jean Michel Jarre http://www.lacuarta...2.4a.CRO.LASER.html
I have vivid childhood memories of the first time I saw him using his laser harp. Brilliant theatre/ter [Fishrat, Dec 22 2005]


       How would the whammy bar work?
What happens when you bend the neck?
coprocephalous, Dec 22 2005

       Isn't this already baked, except in harp-form? I went to a science centre once, which had one of these, except it was a harp that make a noise whenever you passed a hand through the red laser.
froglet, Dec 22 2005

       //What happens when you bend the neck// You blind the drummer?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 22 2005

       I love how the laser-harpist in [Worldgineer]'s picture is wearing metal wire dental braces. Ah, the irony.
Fishrat, Dec 22 2005

       This is seriously baked... however, I think the reason that it hasn't caught on is that the physical sensory feedback from a real string is vital to creating a worthwhile performance.
zigness, Dec 22 2005

       i must admit it's not exactly easy to bend the neck.... but still you don't need feedback from a real string, the processer will determine the strings
robbie the rocker, Jan 14 2006


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